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Track and Track2:

Track: General track and wire information
    Taillight bulbs for short limiting
    Buying Wire
    Short Detecting Beeper
    "Quarter Test" (Wiring Adequacy)
    Insulation Displacement Connectors

Track_2: Track wiring diagrams
    Feeder Wire Size (Feeder Experiment)    Bus Wire Size
    Feeder Placement
    Wiring Overview
    Layouts with Long Bus Runs
        Bus Terminations
        Twisted Bus Wires
    Reversing simple balloons, wyes, dogbones with crossovers, turntables
    Crossings and Double Crossovers
    Dual Gauge

Turnouts (Switches)
DCC Friendly
    Walthers DCC Friendly (Compatible), Peco, Atlas & Roco, Kato, Micro Engineering & BK Enterprises
Turnout Control
    Slow-Motion Switchmachine Configurations

Locomotive Installation Notes (40 locomotives)
Lighting: Using Miniature Lamps





Block Detection


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