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Writing Wiring For DCC

If you would like to ask a question on the Wiring For DCC Q&A Forum, click here.

If you would like to ask me a question directly about your model railroad, click here.

Please read the headings of all the topic areas below before writing me. Thank you!

Found a Dead Link Now Taking You to A Porn Site?

Let's get rid of that dead link RIGHT NOW! Please help me help the world.
1. Make sure I know exactly which of my pages contains the bad link. Send me my URL, please.
2. Make sure I know exactly which link you clicked on that took you to a porn site instead of a train site.

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If I can clearly tell which link is the offending link, it will be gone within minutes of the next time I log onto the computer.

Have a Question?

I appreciate the popularity of this page.   It has grown so much that questions are now coming in faster than I can answer them.  My response to questions is now taking several weeks.  Worse, it is slowing me down from writing the page.  That's what you like the most, isn't it?

Therefore, please direct all questions to the DCC Q&A Forum.

The forum is no-nonsense.  People are not permitted to carry on lengthy battles. No grandstanding. No yelling. That is what user groups, special interest groups, news groups, list groups, and chat rooms are for!  People ask questions.  One or more people answer it.  That is it.  Everyone respects the forum so I have never had to "police it."  Nice, is is not?

If you still want to ask me a question directly about your model railroad, click here.

Want to Help?

Some of you have written me saying you are using my web page as a reference tool in giving others advice.  If you are doing this and would like to be part of a group that answers email questions, join the DCC Q&A Forum distribution.  You can have yourself added to the forum so that every question that comes in, you will see. A question or two a day is common. You only respond if you want to.

Please do me another favor, when you change your email address, please delete yourself from the distribution. I do not own the database or system the Q&A Forum runs on. For some reason, the owner does not see it necessary to provide me with a way to delete you when you go away. So I am haunted by your old email address every time someone posts a question. Please delete yourself when you change ISP's! Then add yourself back in. Thank you!

I have returned to school to change careers. I am very swamped and often up to 2:30am. While I'm in school, I'll focus on making updates to my web page whenever I can find the time. Great people answer questions on the forum. For the most part, it takes care of itself.

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Have You Placed a Decoder in a Particular Locomotive That Was Unusually Challenging?

If you would like to share how to put a decoder in the locomotive with the world, please send me the text and pictures. DO NOT include the photos within a word processor document. I cannot extract those. However, you can send your text in a word processor document. All photos and drawings should be in .gif or .jpg format.

Give me a description of the locomotive. I suggest scale, manufacturer, wheel configuration and class name if steam. Example: HO, Bachman, 4-8-4, Class J.  Make sure you clearly state what scale locomotive you are doing!

I will, of course, give you full credit for your contribution. However, I no longer provide links to other people's websites. This is because if you should move your site and forget to tell me, your link ends up being rerouted to a porn site. If you ever want me to remove your work from my website, just write me.

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I'd appreciate manuals and literature on your products.  Also, if you are getting calls about problems with your product that would be appropriate in my page, please let me know.  It is this page's goal to help modelers and manufacturers to make DCC absolutely fantastic.  Hopefully you have found that I have been diplomatic when addressing problems specific to a manufacturer.

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Need Permission to Reproduce Portions of This Website?

Non-commercial, non-personal reproduction of portions of this website may be requested. All users, commercial and non-commercial, may only link to this site at

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Do You Want to Ask Me a Question Directly?

Please note that if you have a reason to write me directly, you still must post questions that will benefit other people to the forum. Questions posted to the forum will be answered for free.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Ask your question on the Wiring For DCC Q&A Forum.


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