Updated: 05/29/19

Welcome to the

"The Move a Rock, Take a Break Road"
(Try building a garden railroad when it's over 100 outside!)

by Allan "Need Another Locomotive" Gartner


I'm selling my garden railroad!  Click here if you are interested

These photos will show you the things that are for sale.  People, structures, rolling stock, locomotives, track - everything is going!


Modelling the Clinchfield, the ET&WNC, the Little River, steam in the garden, rail photography, and remembering N&W #611 and #1218.

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The Finchfield & Wrensylvania is a Great Smoky Mountain whimsical garden railroad where all the buildings are birdhouses. Welcome to the land of mountain steam railroading, whitewater rafting, hillbillies, moonshine,  A place where cars and appliances are never thrown away but instead are left along river banks for Kudzu to grow over.  Many of the birdhouses were built by real hillbillies! Much cheaper than any G scale kit and all expertly built. How could we go wrong!

The Finchfield & Wrensylvania on YouTube:

This video is of the F&W getting a fall cleaning. To see the old F&W, which was much more elaborate but alas, too difficult to maintain, see the photo galleries below and the video when we appeared during a morning television show.

train pond

Most of the pictures shown here are from a time when the F&W was large and majestic. Unfortunately, it was a bit too much to maintain. So the photo above is of the new, simpler F&W. It is now a typical Texas garden railway.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures taken when the F&W was in its former glory.

Shotgun Wedding

The F&W is proud to feature the carved figures of Jack Wollschlaeger.

Wooden Trolley

Jack has also made us a trolley and rollingstock.


Please click on the buttons above and enjoy the pictures!

The F&W was on TV!

While the TV station still has the broadcast on their website, click here to watch our brief moment as a celebrity! Note: A tiny little window opens up in XP. You can click on the image and you can look at it in a larger media window or even full screen.

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