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Decoder Installation in an
Proto 1000 RS-2

The following has been contributed by Ralph DeBlasi,

I installed a NCE D13SR and hardwired it to the existing LL board. The decoder sits in the cab area. You must cut through 3 traces on the board. One is under the board so it must be turned over to cut it. Here is how the wires should be connected from the Central Hobbies site. Its for the C-liner but it works for the RS 2. "Decoder installation is easy. On the circuit board cut the traces at the three "X"s and solder the decoder wires to the numbered pads. Here is the pin conections that are labled on the board. Solder it up and you shoud be good to go in about a half hour. Pad one is for the Orange Wire Pad four is for the Black Wire Pad five is for the Gray Wire Pad six is for the White Wire Pad seven is for the Blue Wire Pad eight is for the Red Wire There are no solder pads for the rear headlight (Yellow wire, should be pad two) or function one (Green wire, should be pad three). The headlight will be too dim. I soldered a 300 ohm resistor in parallel with the one on the board to get enough brightness."

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