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Decoder Installation in an

The following has been contributed by Jeff Kandra

I've recently installed a DigiTrax DZ143 decoder in an IHC GG1. There are two colors of wires inside the GG1. The Orange wire in the GG1 goes to the negative terminals on the motors. The Blue wire on the GG1 goes to the positive terminals on the motors. There is a diode on each light and there are two posts at opposite ends that are used to make the connections from the track voltage pick-up wires to the motor wires. Disconnect the motor wires at the posts where the track pick-up wires are currently soldered. Then solder the Digitrax decoder red and black wires to their respective posts. The Black wire goes to the "left" side pickup post. The Red wire goes to the "right" side pickup post. Then solder the Orange wire on the Digitrax decoder to the two Blue motor wires. Solder the Gray wire on the Digitrax decoder to the two Orange motor wires. The wiring for the two lamps is easy. Create one common wire to both lamps (Blue wire on the Digitrax decoder) and the White wire goes to the front light and the Yellow wire goes to the back light.

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