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Dual Decoder Installation into a

LGB Track Cleaning Locomotive

(#20670  Cab#: 2067)

This installation note assumes you have read the section on Wiring Specific Locomotives.

Use a DG380 to drive the locomotive.  Use a DG580 for driving the cleaning wheels for independent control!  You won't need the internal circuit board if you replace the 5V lights with LGB 19V lights, LGB p/n 68513.

R1 and R2 are 22 ohm, 5%, 1/4W resistors.

I programmed one decoder to address 20 and the other to 67.  It doesn't matter which is which.

Have fun with the Digitrax FX.  I used the double pulse strobe.  Be sure you read and understand how the Digitrax keep alive and flash rate is set in CV 62 in their manual.  Adjust these values to suit your taste.

CV Value Function
01 20 Set to short address 20.
29 02 Set decoder mode.
51 25 Double Pulse Strobe, effect phase A.
54 35 Double Pulse Strobe, effect phase B.
62 25 Keep alive brightness (left digit 0-F).  Rate (right digit 0-F).

Though not required reading, you may want to read the section on Hexadecimal Demystified.

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