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A TCS T-1 Decoder Installation

 into a Proto2000* GP-9
*now Walthers

by Robert Petit Duneland DCC

One of my customers wanted a two function decoder installed in a Proto 2000 GP-9. This is a relatively easy install to do. I used the TCS T-1 decoder with their P2K harness.

Begin by removing the body shell if necessary.

Unplug the NMRA connector from the light board. Remove the two screws holding the light board to the chassis (Hold on to the screws you will need them later.)

Once the board is out of the way, invert the NMRA plug and orient it so that the #1 pin (Orange) is toward the front of the short hood. A good practice would be to place some Kapton or electrical tape underneath the socket to insure that you do not have any unwanted grounds to the frame.

Remove the wires for Pins 2 (Rear Headlight Yellow) and 6 (Front Headlight White) Install your dropping resistors (I used 330 ohm resistors for this installation, your needs may vary.) to the plug.

Make a 90 degree bend close to the end of the wire so that the resistor will sit under the NMRA socket.

Trim the wires for the headlights to length, giving yourself some extra, just in case! And after putting on some heat shrink tubing, solder them to the cut down ends of the dropping resistors. Plug in your decoder and harness and head for the programming track. The finished installation should look like mine.

I hope that you enjoy your locomotive for a long time! If you have any questions I can be contacted at

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