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Decoder Installation

 into a Proto2000* GP-60 or GP-38
*now Walthers

by Robert Petit Duneland DCC

Problems encountered in installing a DCC decoder in a Proto 2000 GP-60 or GP-38

The Problem:
The Proto 2000 GP-60, and the Proto 2000 GP-38 both have number board lights wired between the motor lead and one of the power leads. This causes the decoder to see a short circuit between pins 4 and 5 which usually results in a blown decoder.
Shown is the wiring for a GP-60, the GP-38 is similar, but has front and rear number boards connected between pins 4 and 5.
Pin 1 Left Power                                           Pin 2 Rear Light
Pin 3 No connection (Can be used for F-3)   Pin 4 Left Power and Front Number board.
Pin 5 Grey and Front Number board         Pin 6 Front Headlight
Pin 7 Lighting Common                                 Pin 8 Right Power

The Solution:
Wire the number boards into the headlight circuit. OR wire them into pin 3 and 7 and use a three or four function decoder to control the lights. Or just rip them out and be done with it! Don’t forget to use proper resistors! I have used 220 ohm ¼ watt on most of the units I have done with good results.

Good luck,
Bob Petit
Duneland DCC

View looking into the socket from the plug


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