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Digitrax DN163K0a in a Kato N scale F40PH

by Troy S.

I was searching for a plug ‘n’ play decoder for the new Kato N scale F40PH’s, I was not able to find one. But, I did notice that the Digitrax DN163K0a, (Kato N P-42 Genesis, PA-1, E8), decoder board looked very close to the F40PH’s light board. I found that in fact with modification to the LED’s length, the Digitrax DN163K0a fits perfectly. You can either remove and shorten the LED’s included with the Digitrax DN163K0a board or remove the LED’s from the factory light board and install them in the DN163K0a board. Use the factory light board as a reference for the proper LED length. I have modified and installed two in my F40PH’s. I hope this might help others looking for a decoder for the Kato N scale F40PH’s.

Digitrax DN163A0 in an Intermountain N scale SD40T Tunnel Motor

by Troy S.

In my area, the Hobby/Train stores do not stock the Digitrax DN163I0, (Intermountain N scale SD40T tunnel motor). I ordered one and it took well over two months to get it in. In my hunt for a solution I found that the Digitrax DN163I0 is in fact a modified version of the Digitrax DN163A0, (Atlas N scale GP40-2, U25B, SD35, Trainmaster and B23-7). If you look closely at the “DN163I0” circuit board, you will see DN163A0 printed on it. For the modification, If you want to match the Digitrax DN163I0, you will only need to replace the front LED on a DN163A0 board, with a longer one. I’m not sure why, but from the factory, only the front LED of the Digitrax DN163I0 board is longer than the one on the Digitrax DN163A0. But if you compare the Intermountain N scale SD40T tunnel motor light board with the Digitrax DN163A0 board, you will see that both the front and rear LED’s are longer, on the Intermountain LED board. To match the Intermountain light board exactly, you will need to replace both LED’s with longer ones. Either way, use the LED board as a reference for the proper length.

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