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Your advertising will include a link to your home page. Your advertisement may also include a catchphrase or other text. A basic advertisement is a maximum of 20,000 pixels. Click here to see more examples on my home page.



Advertising on Wiring For DCC

Why you should advertise on Wiring For DCC:

1. Wiring For DCC is the #2 DCC website on Google. This means that modelers interested in DCC will see Wiring For DCC and your advertisement before any other manufacturer. No matter where your company ranks on Google, modelers are but one click away on Wiring For DCC! Modelers won't even need to do any scrolling!

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How much does advertising cost?

The basic advertisting rate is $30 per month when billed quarterly- just a dollar per day. You will receive a graphic block that is up to 20,000 pixels in size. The above examples illustrate how your advertisement might appear. More examples can be found on my home page. Additional blocks are available for $15 per month for each additional 10,000 pixel block.

What does my company have to do?

In most cases, you just need to send a email saying you want to advertise on Wiring For DCC. If you do nothing else, a graphic will be obtained from your website, sized to fit into a 20,000 pixel block, and a link will be created to your web site. You may supply a different graphic or additional text to appear with your graphic (graphic with text must fit within 20,000 pixel block.). You may purchase additonal blocks. All we have to do after that is to work out how often you will be invoiced.


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